Plastic Cards

We, at CardTec, are a leading plastic card manufacturers imparting innovative and large assortment of PVC cards and other types of paper / plastic card. Our wide gamut of plastic cards are utilized for distinctive applications like ID cards, membership cards, coin cards, luggage tags, hotel key cards, Identification Cards, Mifare Cards, Smart Cards, Chip Card, Pre Paid Cards, Scratch Cards, Access Control Cards, Warranty and Guarantee Cards, PVC Plastic Cards, Mag Stripe Cards, ID Badge, ATM cards, plastic identity cards and Proximity Cards. We always strive to remain ahead within the ever-changing market by providing advanced card products, for which we use sophisticated manufacturing equipments and excellent procedures.

We have an in-house facility for offset printing, automated screen printing, digital and combined processes.

Also, our products have unique features, which are not available elsewhere. Other manufacturers of plastic identity cards sprint different data on top of the card's body using thermal dye sublimation printer that leads to erasure of data.

We print using new generation printing press having capacity of printing variable data.

This printing press imparts advantages to our customers in distinctive ways like:
  1. Printing of personalized information takes place at same time with offset print which means that the personalized data is protected under the transparent plastic's layer. This prevents the biggest problem confronted in thermal printing method used by other printers, i.e. data printed on top of card's body after lamination fades over a period of time, and gets erased if comes in contact with any alcohol based chemical, or even can be tampered by another thermal printer.
  2. The card cutting is done using our laser guided automatic card punching press, maintaining even millimeter accuracy. This ensures there's no chance of cards being cut at varied alignments as usually happens with manual cutters being used by other card providers. That means enhanced brand quality for consumers.
All our customers admire the value of above advantages that we offer.

a) BLANK CARDS: We fabricate a large gamut of plastic blank cards for card making and printing purposes. These plastic blank cards are produced according to the international ISO specification / CR 80 size.

We also manufacture high quality Adhesive/Sticky Back Cards for thermal/dye sublimation printing for usage with Clamshell Proximity Cards.

b) ID CARDS: We produce Identification cards printed with personalised data comprising name, individual photographs, and other data in addition to the company designs and logos. These plastic id cards can further be offered with enhanced security attributes such as UV Printing, holograms, Guilloche Pattern, Micro Text, etc.

c) ATM CARDS: The ATM cards are largely utilized by banks for their varied credits schemes. Different types of bank cards include Artisan Credit Card, Kisan credit card, etc. These plastic atm cards can further be personalised with individual data embossed, tipped and encoded over the Magnetic Stripe.

d) MEMBERSHIP CARDS: Our produced plastic membership cards are largely used throughout the country by distinctive companies, organisations, and clubs for their different membership purposes. With names, numbers and address printable, these membership cards are offered in different designs, styles and colours.

e) COIN CARDS: At CardTec, we are engaged in producing coin cards that are comprehensively utilized by various banks and jewellers. These coin cards can be availed in different weights, ideal as gifts items at festivals and different auspicious occasions.

f) HOTEL KEY CARDS: For different hotels throughout India, we produce and supply a large array of hotel key cards. We design and imprint the name of the hotel over the card. Our manufactured cards are preferred by hoteliers throughout India, South Asia and different other countries in Africa and Middle East.

g) Luggage Tags: We produce luggage tags in varied attractive designs. These luggage tags are majorly preferred by Hotels, Airlines, and are also largely utilized on special occasions such as conferences, marriages, etc.

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