ID Card Printers:

CardTec India is one of the most reputed card companies in India. With the finest printing hardware and software tools, we position ourselves as an end to end solution provider to all ID printing. We deal with range of plastic card printers from CIAAT, EVOLIS and NISCA.

CIAAT Card printers
Ciaat CTC-940 card printer is the fastest direct to card printer which is an ideal solution for ID card issuance. Ciaat card printers have wide rage and field upgradeable encoding options that includes contact IC chip encoding, contactless (RFID) encoding and magnetic stripe card encoding.

EVOLIS Card printers
Evolis PRIMACY is among the fast and versatile card printer. It is available in single and dual sided versions which are perfect choice for printing and encoding cards. Primacy printers are ideal for payment cards, student cards, employee badges and any form of ID cards.

NISCA Card printers
Nisca card printers are affordable, reliable and high quality output plastic card printers. Nisca printer
1. PR-C101 - Single sided entry level printer
2. PR-C151 – Dual sided, direct to card printer
3. PR-C201 – Retransfer printer

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