There are several different types of ID card printers available in the market, along with various types of ID cards that can be printed and encoded in different ways. It is important that the printer meets all the business needs to ensure a smooth workflow. These ID cards are not only limited to being used for identification but can also be multi-purpose, serving different functions for a business. Consider the mentioned points before investing in an ID card printer to satisfy all your business requirements.

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What is Needed to Make a Complete ID System?

A complete photo ID system provides a ready-to-use ID card program that can be implemented immediately. The ID printer system comes with a professional ID card printer, badge design software, and all necessary supplies. Following are the different pieces of equipment that form a complete ID system:


In any ID system, the printer for ID cards plays a crucial role. PVC plastic cards are designed to be durable and to be printed with high-quality ID cards. Printing and encoding ID cards using photo ID systems isn't quite the same as printing with a desktop printer.

ID Cards

In order to create an ID card, you need blank ones. We offer blank cards in various formats, including smart cards, credit card size CR80, key tags, magnetic stripes, proximity cards, and even colored security cards.

Photo ID Camera

The design software for your photo ID system easily integrates with photo ID cameras. It's much easier to identify cardholders visually when you use a special camera designed especially for ID photos.

Printer Ribbons

The design of the ID card you created in your ID software needs to be transferred to the blank card. This is when printer ribbons come in handy. Color, images, graphics, and text are applied to ID cards with the help of printer ribbons. Depending on your printer model and specific needs, you can choose from various ribbon types, including monochrome ribbons, single-sided ribbons, and dual-sided ribbons.

Cleaning Kit

An ID system would not be complete without printer cleaning kits. Regular printer maintenance and cleaning are required for your PVC card printer system to work effectively. Each printer for ID cards has a specific cleaning kit containing swabs, kits, and cloths for cleaning.

ID Card Software

Software for ID cards is like the brain of an ID system. It is possible to create ID cards, manage cardholder records, and communicate with databases using ID card software. Various software types are available, which can be chosen based on your business needs.

Types of ID Card Printers

These PVC card printers are specialized and customized to plastic cards, chip cards, RFID chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, etc.
If you are looking for an affordable ID card printing machine with high performance, CardTec is the best solution for all your requirements.

Why Cardtec


CIAAT CTC-940 ID card printer is the fastest printing device and an ideal solution for ID card issuance. These printers provide various encoding options, including encoding contact IC chips, encoding contactless RFID cards, and encoding magnetic stripe cards. These printers help you produce and customize your cards cost-effectively, conveniently, fast, and efficiently. If you are looking for individual custom cards, then CIAAT CTC-940 will fulfil all your needs.

Why Cardtec


Evolis PRIMACY is a fast, flexible, and versatile PVC card printer. It can be used for both single and double-sided ID card printers. These printers are the best choice for printing and encoding ID cards using the best technology. It can print high-quality images at a very high speed. This printer produces a great level of autonomy in a reduced space, and therefore it can also reduce the frequency of loading cards. Hence Primacy printers can be ideal for edge-to-edge card printing projects.

Why Cardtec


NISCA is a high-resolution dye-sublimation card printer. They are easily affordable, reliable, and produce high-quality products. It has a 24-bit color resolution which enhances its printing quality and robustness. There are other NISCA applications like
PR-C101: A single-side card printer perfect for applications like smart card projects.
PR-C151: A double-side card printer used for security, lamination, and encoding purpose.
PR-C201: It offers 600 dpi high resolution that can produce high-quality ID cards.

Unique Ways to Make Use of an Employee ID Card

Using your ID printer for more than employee identification cards can maximize its value.
Various card types can be printed with PVC card printers.

  • ID cards are a great way to keep track of employees. You can make employee ID cards that include a photo of the employee and their name and birth date.
  • ID cards can be used as a reward system for your employees. Employees can use their ID cards to get rewards like discounts at a store or a free meal. This can also create an incentive system.
  • You can use ID cards to track your inventory and purchases.
  • ID cards are an essential tool to keep track of employees who have borrowed your rented equipment.
  • You can use identification cards to keep track of customers' needs and wants in your business.
  • To access special events or promotions that require ID verification.
  • You can use an identification card as a contact list or address book when traveling away from home or work locations.
  • An ID card can also be used as verification when making transactions on the internet.
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What are the Different Ways of Encoding an ID card

Various methods are available for encoding your cards if you want to store or share data.
The type of data storage you choose will depend on what needs to be retained and how you plan to use it.

Barcode Cards

Cards with Barcodes

A barcode can be easily added to any ID card with the help of different types of ID printers. Your card design template needs software to generate QR codes dynamically. There is no need to upgrade your printer or purchase additional cardstock to encode a barcode, so it's the easiest way to do it. Student ID cards, library cards, and rewards cards are common uses for barcode cards.

Magtape Stripe Cards

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripes can store data on cards, making them easy to use and popular. A magnetic stripe card must be encoded using an encoder module and encoding software. An encoder module for PVC card printers is also required. HiCo cards can be used for cashless payments like a credit card or a debit card. LoCo cards can be used for longer-lasting, more secure, or longer-lasting payment cards.

Embossed cards

Proximity cards

Access control cards are also called proximity cards or prox cards. Pre-encoding proximity cards by a secure supplier prevent duplicate keycards from being created fraudulently. Many types of proxy cards can be printed with a printer that prints directly on ID cards. Proximity cards should be adhered to adhesive cards before being printed on thick or clamshell cards.

Magtape Stripe Cards

Contact And Contactless-Enabled Smart Card Chips

A growing number of people are using these types of payment cards. These cards can be encoded at home using a printer, smart card software, and blank smart card cardstock. In contrast to contact cards, contactless cards do not require direct contact with the reader. Instead, the card must be within the reader's range. Printing directly on smart cards requires a reverse transfer printer. Smart cards can be printed directly using ID card printers.

5 Factors to Consider Prior to Purchasing an ID Card Printer

Buying an ID card printer requires careful consideration, as it can be a significant investment.
Following are a few of the factors to consider before choosing one:

  • Number of Sides

    Buying an ID card printer requires careful consideration, as it can be a significant investment. Following are a few of the factors to consider before choosing one:

  • Print Speed

    Usually, many badges are printed in bulk by an ID card printer. The poor condition of the equipment, which cannot take the workload, can lead to missed deadlines or backlogs. Thus, print speed, based on the amount of work, is one of the most important factors to be considered when shortlisting an ID card printer.

  • Fit for the Office

    The most important consideration when selecting a card printer is often overlooked, which is the physical dimensions of the printer chosen. ID card printers are usually used for office purposes; thus, it is important to choose one that fits into the space available, has access to a power source, and isn't too loud to disrupt office employees.

  • Warranty

    There are many parts in an ID card printer, requiring all the parts to work harmoniously to keep up with the demand. Due to all the wear and tear, even the best ones can develop problems. So be sure to look for a printer with a warranty covering all the components or replacement if the equipment turns faulty within that period.

  • Security Features

    Since the ID card printer would print information that would allow access to the office space and might also contain employees' data, it is best to choose one which is compatible with the security needs of the employer and the employees.


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