Event Registration:

Card Tec offers event registration services for all types of small and big, and has effectively organized the registration process from 100 delegates right upto 50,000 delegates.
We offer end to end event registration solution consisting pre-registration process, dispatch of badges, site survey, and data reporting.
Our expertise comprises of:
Provision of hardware and manpower.
Complete software customization.
Judicious use of advanced technologies including barcode, smart card, RFID.
Creating computer networks at customer site.
Benefits of our system:
Streamline the visitor check-in process.
Accurately capture detailed visitor information.
Keep visitor information confidential.
Secure the workplace more robustly.
Easily perform analysis and reporting.
Provide high quality, professional looking badges.
Speeds the reception process while presenting a professional image.
Enhances the professional image of your organization.
Ensures privacy of visitor log and reduces "guest snooping".
Maintain a database record of all non-employees who have entered the building.
Strengthens workplace security
Setup as standalone or client/server system
Data invoices for future event planning.
Network multiple lobbies, buildings & locations over LAN
Lunch / Dinner is served after validation to control pilferage.

We customize our process to suit your convenience, functioning & productivity.

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