Foil Plastic Cards:

Get Fancy with Foil Printed Plastic Smart Cards

Indulge in the splendour of reflective metallics, even over the darkest coloured stocks. This speciality technique produces your artwork in your choice of foil colour stamped onto the card for stunning results. Premium foil colours including Metallic Gold and Silver.
Foiling can be added to a wide range of cardstocks to create different results. It produces truly impressive smart cards.

Plastic Smart Cards with foil Stamping

We print a variety of smart cards - ID Cards (Identification Cards), Smart Cards. Mifare Cards, Chip cards, Scratch Cards, Prepaid cards. Luggage Tags, Access Control Cards. PVC Cards, Plastic Cards,Membership Cards, Magstripe cards, Warranty Cards, Guarantee Cards, ID Badges, Loyalty cards, Hotel Key cards,Proximity Cards, etc. And make them look beautiful with Gold and silver Foils which produces special effect.

Gold & Silver Foil Printed Plastic Smart Cards

This speciality technique beautifies your designed smart cards with amazing reflective foils.

  • ID Card (Identification Card).
  • Smart Card.
  • Mifare Card.
  • Chip card.
  • ATM Card.
  • Scratch Card.
  • Prepaid card.
  • Luggage Tag.
  • Access Control Card.
  • PVC Card.
  • Plastic Card.
  • Membership Card.
  • Magstripe card.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Guarantee Card.
  • ID Badge
  • Loyalty card
  • Hotel Key card
  • Proximity Card

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