Durable | Accurate | Reliable.

CardTec manufactures extremely durable Warehouse Inventory Tags for rack and shelf location labels, using the industry’s most advanced materials and digital technology.

Options includes Custom Warehouse Tags, Label designs & can include 1D or 2D barcodes.

We offer a wide range of Warehouse Rack labels formats, adhesives and protective coatings.

The Right Label | The Right Solution.

  • Multilevel labels with color coding
  • Extremely durable
  • Clean Release removable
  • Cold storage and harsh environment
  • Outdoor all-weather
  • Blank labels in custom sizes and company branding
Warehouse Labels
Warehouse Stickers
Custom-Manufactured to Your Exact Requirements

CardTec Custom Warehouse Tags / Labels is being used by India's leading industries for their rack identification in warehouses & storage location all over India to their utmost satisfaction.

Types of Warehouse Rack Tags and Labels :
  • Warehouse Rack Beam Labels
  • Bulk storage Warehouse Rack Labels
  • Warehouse Pallet Labels
  • Warehouse Rack Upright Labels
  • Warehouse Bin & Tote Labels
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